Corn Harvesting


Corn harvesting

When it comes to harvest time, every minute counts, and harvesting at the right time and under the right conditions is crucial to achieving good results. The corn harvesting adapter used for harvesting must be reliable and able to perform its task without any loss of seeds.

Our self-developed OptiCorn harvester adapter, equipped with a stalk crusher performs its work at high speed and excellent quality with minimal maintenance requirements.
Drawing on more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, Optigép Ltd continuously develops its products which – regardless of the continent they may end up on – perform exceptionally well. Our engineers’ main task is to continuously improve and make our machines more user-friendly, based on the feedback we receive from our users.

We have extended the testing of our OptiCorn product family to remote countries such as the Republic of South Africa, where we had to perform well even among crop yields that are significantly higher than those in Europe, ranging from 18-a20 tons/ha. We are pleased to report that our adapter has passed with flying colors.

Introducing the OptiCorn Adapters

Features of OptiCorn:

OptiCorn Snapping unit

Side extensions for
minimizing grain loss.

The design of the feed augers
ensures a consistent material

Aluminum covers and row
dividers with steel reinforcement.
They can also be requested in
plastic version.

Rubber plates for
protecting against
flying corn pipes


The knives of the stalk
chopper perfectly cover the
area of the breaking rollers,
resulting in perfect shredding.

Replaceable knives

The replaceable knives on the
breaking rollers are coated
with hard metal, which helps
with better straw pulling.

Stalk chopper

High-performance stalk chopper
with a speed of 2,450 revolutions
per minute, capable of chopping
the stalk residue to a length
of 5-6 cm.

Protective Switch

Overload protection -
Safety switch at every row

Breaking rollers

Extended breaking rollers
for gentle stalk pulling,
allowing for a clean job at
working speeds ranging
from 8 to 11 km/h

Semi-automatic chain tensioner

Reliably tensions the chain. The tension of the chain can be easily adjusted with easy access.

Tensioning sprocket

Made of heat-treated steel. It has an ideal diameter, which contributes to the fact that the snapping unit is less sensitive to the connector rows.

The special bearing arrangements ofthe breaking rollersdo not require
daily maintenance or greasing. Two deep-groove, sealed ball bearings are
built into a self-aligning housing, which is a completely maintenance-free solution

Closed side drive

The side drive operates in a completely enclosed system that is free from dust and contaminants, making it maintenance-free and providing users with a longer lifespan than average.

Side drive

We have removed the lubrication
points from the gearbox and
sealed the side drive, thus further
protecting it and simplifying

We use a reinforced, ¾” duplex
chain - in case of changing the
harvester, the speed can be
adjusted by changing the


The lubrication points of the
auger have also been led out of
the drive housing, which
simplifies maintenance

The chain tension can be
adjusted from outside of the
drive housing

Snapping unit row

Line-by-line protection

Cardan connection

The Snapping Units are equipped with line-by-line protection. The safe operation is ensured by a PTO connection between the snapping units.
It needs to be greased once before the season, otherwise it is maintenance-free.

The snapping unit is driven by: one-sided drive system from 2 to 5 rows and a two-sided drive system from 6 to 12 rows

The reinforced cover plate
serves as protection for the row of
snapping units against
mechanical impact.

Drive console


The position of the drive shaft
can be adjusted to the operator
combine's TLT. The drive
position can be changed in case
of a combine replacement.

Stubble stompers

The stubble stompers serve the protection of the combine’s rubber, it is also possible to install double (2 pairs) for wider tires.


The ground tracker ensures the optimal stubble height through automatic height control, resulting in excellent stubble appearance.

"Corn saver" rubber extension

The rubber collars attached to each row minimize grain loss.

Sunflower Kit / Sunflower inserts

Thanks to the sunflower kit that can be mounted on the OptiCorn corn header, sunflowers can be harvested with a simple conversion.

Rotary row divider

The OptiCorn corn harvester adapter effectively directs the crop into the machine even in wet and leaning crops.

Type of adapter Working dimensions Shipping dimensions
Name Number of rows Type of frame Row distance Lenght Widht Height Lenght Widht Height Weight
OptiCorn-470 4 fix 70 cm 2965 mm 2200 mm 1500 mm 2965 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 1450 kg
OptiCorn-476 4 fix 76 cm 2965 mm 2965 mm 1450 kg
OptiCorn-570 5 fix 70 cm 3580 mm 3580 mm 1665 kg
OptiCorn-576 5 fix 76 cm 3790 mm 3790 mm 1850 kg
OptiCorn-670 6 fix 70 cm 4258 mm 4258 mm 2125 kg
OptiCorn-670 CS 6 collapsible 70 cm 4258 mm 4258 mm In working position 2400 kg
OptiCorn-676 6 fix 76 cm 4738 mm 4738 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 2175 kg
OptiCorn-676 CS 6 collapsible 76 cm 4738 mm 4738 mm In working position 2700 kg
OptiCorn-870 8 fix 70 cm 5638 mm 5638 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 2775 kg
OptiCorn-870 CS 8 collapsible 70 cm 5638 mm 5638 mm In working position 3150 kg
OptiCorn-876 8 fix 76 cm 6072 mm 6072 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 2850 kg
OptiCorn-876 CS 8 collapsible 76 cm 6072 mm 6072 mm In working position 3420 kg
OptiCorn-1270 12 fix 70 cm 8438 mm 8438 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 4250 kg
OptiCorn-1276 12 fix 76 cm 9120 mm 9120 mm 4500 kg

For adapters that differ from the row spacing listed in the table, please contact us for more information. You can find our contact details in the Contact menu.