PSM adapters

Introducing PSM adapters

Hydraulically driven stalk chopper

The crushing mechanism is hydraulically driven and powered by the transverse conveyor through a universal joint shaft. The hydraulic system of the crusher is independent of the hydraulic system of the combine. The stem crushing unit has a number of vertical shaft rotors, which correspond to the number of rows to be harvested, and are paired and mounted in a common housing with bearings. The unit is lifted or lowered by the hydraulic system of the operating combine. The crushing mechanism requires only about 10% additional fuel consumption. The design of the PSM adapters ensures that the crushing mechanism is folded under the adapter when the adapter is lowered, ensuring that it can be used in low or tilted crops similar to conventional adapters.

The solution come from the details

PSM adapter

There are complete hydraulic
circuits with oil tanks built on the
adapter. Only a driveshaft is
required from the combine

One hydraulic circuit drives the
two rows of stalk chopper rotors.

The two-rowed chopper system
ensures a uniform stubble field.

PSM csúszótányérok

The protection of the chopper is
guaranteed by the sliding plates
located underneath the rotors.

PSM olajnyomás visszajelző órák

Oil pressure gauges inform the
operator about the operation of
the shredder.


Adjustable stubble height control

The adapter can be raised or lowered, and can be combined with different positions of the stalk chopper to achieve different harvesting results.



Adjustable stem shredder height regulation

Options for PSM adapters

PSM information table

PSM szártaposók

PSM information table

Type of adapter Working dimensions Shipping dimensions
Name Number of rows Type of frame Row distance Length Width Height Length Width Height Weight
PSM-670 6 fix 76 cm 4440 mm 2400 mm 1800 mm 4440 mm In working position 2100 kg
PSM-670 CS 6 collapsible 70 cm 4440 mm 4440 mm 2650 kg
PSM-676 6 fix 76 cm 4750 mm 4750 mm 2200 kg
PSM-676 CS 6 collapsible 76 cm 4750 mm 4750 mm 2750 kg
PSM-870 8 fix 70 cm 5840 mm 5840 mm 2830 kg
PSM-870 CS 8 collapsible 70 cm 5840 mm 5840 mm 3320 kg
PSM-876 8 fix 76 cm 6274 mm 6274 mm 2930 kg
PSM-876 CS 8 collapsible 76 cm 6274 mm 6274 mm 3540 kg
PSM-1270 12 fix 70 cm 8640 mm 8640 mm 4200 kg
PSM-1276 12 fix 76 cm 9322 mm 9322 mm 4390 kg

For adapters that differ from the row spacing listed in the table, please contact us for more information. You can find our contact details in the Contact menu.