OptiSun Z adapters

Introducing the OptiSun Z adapters

Two job at one pass

Experience the combined thrill of sunflower harvesting and stem crushing! Thanks to perfect crushing, it evenly spreads out the residues of the large-stemmed plants that can cause significant damage. Stem crushing offers numerous advantages.

The position of the chopper relative to the adapter can be adjusted while driving from the combine cab, regardless of the height of the adapter. This ensures that the chopper only harvests the useful parts of the plant, while chopping the rest to an appropriate size on the field. There is also a rotation sensor for the chopper that provides visual and audible signals in the cab in case of the chopper's blades stopping.


The FTZ shredder is robust, with dual-side drive, and is equipped with friction disc safety clutches to protect the shredder drive mechanisms. The shredder unit can be retrofitted to existing OptiSun adapters. The unit is located behind the adapter. Each row is equipped with a bevel gear drive with a knife holder.

Friction disk safety clutch

Stalk chopper gearbox (1500 revolutions per minute)

Closed side drive with ¾ inch duplex chain.

Connecting shaft

Heat-treated crop shredder knives

Sliding plate


Adjustable chopping height

The horizontal cutting mechanism can be raised from the cab as needed.
The adapter can be raised or lowered, and can be combined with different positions of the crop chopper to achieve different harvesting results.



Adjustable shredder for crop height regulation

The harvesting height can also be set to 800 mm. The minimum cutting height depends on the combine type.


Option for OptiSun Z

Stalk stomper to lay down the stalks for the protection of the tires.

Type of adapter Working dimensions Shipping dimensions
Name Number of rows Type of frame Row distance Length Width Height Length Width Height Weight
OptiSun-670 Z 6 fix 70 cm 4450 mm 2400 mm 1500 mm 4450 mm In working position 1620 kg
OptiSun-676 Z 6 fix 76 cm 4760 mm 4760 mm 1810 kg
OptiSun-870 Z 8 fix 70 cm 5850 mm 5850 mm 2030 kg
OptiSun-876 Z 8 fix 76 cm 6284 mm 6284 mm 2130 kg

For adapters that differ from the row spacing listed in the table, please contact us for more information. You can find our contact details in the Contact menu.