OptiSun adapters

Introducing the OptiSun adapters

Harvesting sunflowers without loss of yield

During sunflower harvesting, the combine harvester’s header is the first point of contact with the plants, which requires sophisticated technology and gentle treatment of the crop. This is the key to reach the maximum yield during harvesting.

The low-profile OptiSun sunflower header, equipped with seed-collecting shaking trays, uses an eccentric-driven shaking arm to continuously transfer sunflower heads into the auger trough. The crop cannot accumulate, so the seeds are delivered to the inclined conveyor without loss. Not a single sunflower seed is left in the field, allowing more yield to be collected.

Not a single sunflower seed will remain on the field, so even more crop can be put into the seed tank. Based on measured results, it guarantees an excellent return on investment with less than 0.5% seed loss even at harvest speeds of 10-12 km/h.

Gondozásmentes hajtás

3/4" duplex chain ensures
reliable power transmission.

The spare chain wheel is an
accessory used to adjust the
speed of the individual units of
the adapter according to the
requirements of the crop or the

Friction disc safety clutch to
protect the gathering worm

Spring tightened chain

Every row is equipped with four
rotating blades and counter-blades.

Eccentrically operated shaking
arm and shaking trays for
efficient harvesting.

The ear chains arranged row by
row gently guides the sunflower
stems to the star knife cutting
mechanism. The OptiSun intake
system does not transmit
vibration to the plant, thus
preventing loss.


Side extension

The design of the side wall
ensures proper row selection,
thus preventing the plates of the
outer rows from falling out.

Protection net

The 600 mm high safety net
protects the sunflower heads
from falling out.

Row divider spikes

The optimally designed plastic
row dividers gently guide the
plant to the shaking tray.
The row dividers also lift the
bent or tilted stems, making it
possible to harvest the
crop from them as well.

Asymmetric shaking trays.

Right and left-sided trays ensure
a continuous material flow to the auger.

Large-diameter augers

With its 500 mm diameter, it
ensures a consistent crop flow
even for high-yielding crops.

OptiSun Information table

Type of adapter Working dimensions Shipping dimensions
Name Number of rows Type of frame Row distance Length Width Height Length Width Height Weight
OptiSun-470 4 fix 70 cm 3040 mm 2200 mm 1500 mm 3040 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 1020 kg
OptiSun-476 4 fix 76 cm 3226 mm 3226 mm 1125 kg
OptiSun-570 5 fix 70 cm 3740 mm 3740 mm 1110 kg
OptiSun-576 5 fix 76 cm 3988 mm 3988 mm 1190 kg
OptiSun-670 6 fix 70 cm 4440 mm 4440 mm 1270 kg
OptiSun-676 6 fix 76 cm 4750 mm 4750 mm 1420 kg
OptiSun-676 CS 6 collapsible 76 cm 4750 mm 4750 mm In working position 1790 kg
OptiSun-870 8 fix 70 cm 5840 mm 5840 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 1640 kg
OptiSun-870 CS 8 collapsible 70 cm 5840 mm 5840 mm In working position 2040 kg
OptiSun-876 8 fix 76 cm 6274 mm 6274 mm 1200 mm 2300 mm 1710 kg
OptiSun-876 CS 8 collapsible 76 cm 6274 mm 6274 mm In working position 2200 kg
OptiSun-1270 12 fix 70 cm 8640 mm 8640 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 2280 kg
OptiSun-1276 12 fix 76 cm 9322 mm 9322 mm 2640 kg
OptiSun-1670 16 fix 70 cm 11440 mm 11440 mm In working position 3790 kg
OptiSun-1676 16 fix 76 cm 12370 mm 12370 mm 4000 kg

For adapters that differ from the row spacing listed in the table, please contact us for more information. You can find our contact details in the Contact menu.